Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Migrate off Google Reader

Dear Readers,

If you haven't already heard, Google Reader (one of THE MOST useful RSS readers out there) is going to shut down as of July 1st, 2013. Google Reader, while not the most elegant was pretty utilitarian. I'm really sorry to see it go. (I hope that Google makes the Reader code open source so that other developers can pick up where Google has left off!)

If you are reading my blog (or any blog for that matter) on Google Reader, you're going to need to find another RSS reader to use. Here are some helpful links for you to migrate your data over to another reader

  • Google Takeout -- will save all of your Google data for you, including all of your RSS feed information so you can import it elsewhere
  • Alternatives to Google Reader -- Here's a list of 12 alternates to Google reader. Personally, I am using Feedly and am generally liking it. I have it on my laptop and mobile devices.
  • You can also follow my blog via email. An email message will arrive in your inbox whenever a new blog entry is posted. Just look for the following on the right side and enter your email address.

I hope that helps you save your various blog feeds!