Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Sickness and in Health.....

I apologize for the radio silence on my end. This past two weeks was somewhat of a whirlwind. DH & I went up to the Valhalla Ren Faire (I'll post photos later), but when we got home, I got very ill.

This year, I started having allergic reactions to the various blooming trees and weeds. It was enough that I had to start taking Claritin on a daily basis. Prior to this year, I had extremely mild to no reactions to those trees having sex. (Ah, the joys of getting 'older').

While I was in Tahoe for the Faire, I was surrounded by trees! I took Claritin every day while I was there, but it was hard. I think it overwhelmed my system. So when we got back home, I got sick, which at first, I thought was just allergic reactions, but then it got worse. I completely lost my voice (which meant I had to cancel podcasting until I got better).

I was having problems taking deep breaths and was winded (and thus tired) very easily. I was getting exhausted from doing simple household chores or even working on the computer or heck...knitting. I ended up napping a lot, which is saying something for me as I am not a nap-person.

The doctor diagnosed a viral cold on top of all the allergy crap. She put me on four different types of medication, but the combination made me loopy; there was a severe lack of concentration, and I felt like I was detached from any emotional involvement.

(My medical retinue with my "medicine bag")

Knitting was difficult at best as I had a few complicated projects on the needles. I had one project involving stockinette and slipped stitches, but even that proved troublesome after a while.

So, I couldn't knit, crochet, and I couldn't read (as I couldn't retain anything I had read). I was pretty much good for background movies & t.v. shows, and napping -- in other words, pretty useless in my mind. This was very difficult for me! I WANTED TO KNIT. (Even DH noticed that I hadn't knitted as much.)

But now, I've had enough of an attention span to do something "simpler" than knitting. My houndstooth scarf (out of my own handspun) had been languishing on the rigid heddle, so I've picked it back up again.

Hopefully, this will keep me until I don't need the meds anymore. And then I can start knitting again.

And hopefully, I can get back to blogging on a regular basis, and I can finally get to recording the next podcast!