Monday, August 19, 2013

Crafty Kittens

As I mentioned before, we had adopted two 4-month old Maine Coon kittens (Sam & Dean) from a local no-kill cat shelter. In addition to the kittens, we also adopted a lovely one-year old gentleman whom we named "Pharoah".

The boys are getting along famously, and want to be around us when we're busy doing things.

Of course, this also meant helping with all things sewing. Dean & Pharoah decided to help "supervise" my sewing of a costume piece for ConVolution. They languished ontop of some scrap fabric and just watched as I cut & pieced together a garment.

Luckily, they were content to just sit and watch instead of trying to be ever-so-helpful.

So, what am I working on, right now? Well, I'm can't show any photos as of yet, but here's the fabric I picked out for it; a motley of colors in linen.