Monday, August 5, 2013

Knitted Wonder Woman

Remember when I posted about the Knitted Klingon that I wrote about after WesterCon66? Well, I had heard on the grapevine that she had also knitted a Wonder Woman Costume for BayCon 2013.

After emailing with her back & forth (about the Knitted Klingon) with the creator, Shael, I asked her about her Wonder Woman outfit. She sent me some photos that her friend, Jenny, took of her it.

(Photos by Jenny Finster used with permission).

Doesn't she look fantastic? I asked Shael some questions about her Wonder Woman outfit. Here's what she had to say:

Me: it looks like you knitted it as a single one piece mini dress?

Shael: I refer to it more as a tank top because of the blue sections have a slit in it. But I guess it could be considered a mini dress. It is one piece, knit in the round with color changes for the belt and the skirt. I crocheted a pair of arm straps in peach yarn. The wig is a crochet hat with yarn hooked into it. Oh, one correction about the Klingon wig. It's not braided. It's just Lion Brand Homespun hooked into the hat. The Homespun frays in such a way to give it a slightly kinky look 

Me:  Are the stars knitted appliqué? or crochet?

Shael: The stars are all crochet and sewn on. 

Me:  Did you use intarsia for the eagle?

Shael: No. The eagle is also an knit appliqué that can be purchased as part of a different knit Wonder Woman costume (yes, there is more than one) at It is created by knitting a lot of short rows of varying lengths with a few color changes so it matches the background of the top it is going on. 

Me: And is the lasso just an i-cord?

Shael: Yup. it's about a four foot long cord. It's for decoration only. 

I can't wait to see what Shael does at the next Con!