Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finishing a Knitting Backlog of WIPs

As I was cleaning out my large knitting basket, I discovered that I had a few too many projects on the needles. I tend to get a bit antsy at how many works-in-progress I have at any given point. Normally, I don't like having TOO many project on the needles, and now I currently had seven WIPs, whereas my comfort limit is about five.

I took a look at few WIPs and some were nearly complete, like a Scott Pilgrim hat. I had actually gotten really tired of knitting it; it was comprised of a series of welts. BUT, it was half-way done to being complete. I didn't want to frog it, but I also dreaded the idea of knitting all of those welts to actually finish the hat.

It's knit out of leftover Cascade Eco+  as well as some Lionbrand Homespun that I had been gifted. I discovered that the Homespun was much too slippery even on my wooden needles and I really disliked knitting with it. (Hence why it languished.)

However, I discovered that when I put it on, it was perfect for a slouchy hat. I just needed to start the decreases, so I did! Within two welts and some aggressive (and imperfect decreases), I was basically done. And the hat is surprisingly soft.


I'm going to try and get some headway into my current WIPs and see if I can't get it down to a more manageable size before I cast on something new.