Thursday, October 17, 2013

Katwise Gloves

I have been extremely busy with a bunch of different things (including a new job), so I haven't had much time knitting-wise. However, I did finish a set of gloves that were inspired by an amazing artist, Katwise, who creates a variety of upcycled sweater items (like other sweater coats and arm warmers).

I've admired her creative work for a while now. The following image is one of her gloves that she sold on Etsy.
©Katwise  -- Upcycled Armwarmers

So, I decided to maybe create my own version of her gloves using a three of my handspun yarns that were approximately in the same tonal ranges:

From left-to-right/top to bottom:
  • Silk Cashmerino - from Frabjous Fibers
  • Merino Silk - from Chasing Rainbows
  • Merino - I think this is also from Frabjous Fibers, but I got it at a Yarn/Fiber swap so I'm unsure of its fiber content.


I mimicked the serger effects by using Cascade Venezia Sport (in turquoise) as a "break" inbetween each color and making a few rounds of reverse stockinette before using a different yarn.

The pattern is my own, taking measurements of my arm along the forearm, mid forearm, and wrist so that I could decrease appropriately. I used a variety of textures to make each section slightly different: stockinette, 1x1 ribbing, slip stitch, moss stitch, linen stitch etc.

I didn't care where the colors fell as I wanted something a fairly organic in look.

I think I succeeded. Hopefully, I will get to wear these at ConVolution 2013 as part of "fairy" outfit.