Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Holiday Wrap-up...

Holiday wrap-up...get it? Presents? wrap? wrapping paper? Oh, nevermind, my puns are usually pretty bad, I blame it on DH.

I haven't been writing as much as of lately, because I was busily trying to get the last of the holiday gifts finished and wrapped. And our work schedule was pretty hectic so I found myself without a lot of time. Plus, I was trying to keep much of it as a surprise as some family members do read this blog.

For my BIL, I made some fingerless gloves so he could wear them to events without freezing his hands.


My eldest nephew specifically asked for new fingerless gloves. So I obliged. However, the weather was starting to actually turn warm where he lives, so I hope he gets some use out of them BEFORE he outgrows them.

And for my youngest nephew, I made him a Star Wars book bag (similar to his brother) with different fabric and a slightly different patterning, but still using the pattern I had used before. (Apparently, I forgot to take finished photos of the bag before I wrapped it up as a gift.)

All of the gifts I made, including the fleece blankets I made the previous month, were very well received. Both kids were wearing their fleece blankets wrapped around them for a good chunk of the holidays. All-in-all, a very good holiday. It makes me happy to make things for family who definitely appreciate the effort.