Friday, November 7, 2014


Technically, I'm supposed to be on a fabric diet, as my Viking & I have a ton of fabric already. We're only allowed a few things -- gift fabric, lining fabric, etc. But then, you see something and you just fall in love.

Case in point.....

I mean, cute little green aliens! What's not to love? And with a sale at Joann's plus a 20% off a total purchase coupon, it's even a double score! So, I picked up 2.25 yards of it to make new jammies. I washed the fabric before I left for Portland and promptly forgot about my cute little aliens.

I realized that it had been nearly 3 weeks since I last sewed anything, and I was getting the urge to make sew. But, I didn't want to completely dive into a long term project, so I decided to pull out my aliens and make myself pajamas.

(Apparently, November is the month to make pajamas, because I checked my old posts, and it was November 2013 that I made my last set of jammies for the Pajama-Jam-Jam at Purlescence Yarns last year).

I ironed the fabric, and cut out the all-too-familiar pattern I had used previously (with my previous set of modifications -- elastic waistband instead of drawstrings.)

Luckily, I have a ton of elastic. (Part of my modification to the pattern is to add 2 inches at the top of the waist to allow me to fold over a waistband to accommodate the 1.5" elastic band)

Unfortunately, I realized as I was cutting it that I did not have quite enough fabric; the pattern called for 2 5/8 yards. So, I decided to merely serge the bottom of the pajamas instead of having a fold over hem, which would give me enough yardage.

Cutting, sewing, and pressing the fabric into pajama shape was very easy and quick. (And yes, I do press all my seams, even for pajamas).

And of course, the cats found the fabric scraps enticing.....

I love the colours.

It was a quick and easy project that I was able to complete in 2 hours, and satisfied the sewing itch. Plus, it now gives me an additional pair of warm flannel pajamas to wear that goes with the motley of other jammies I made previously.