Monday, April 20, 2015

Making a Jacques Cousteau Hat

A dear friend of mine told me that for the summer, she was going to be spending it on a boat doing marine geology. As she is a close friend, I offered to make her the iconic Jacques Cousteau red hat.She loved the idea, so I set about making one for her.

Luckily, there is a pattern on Ravelry --- everything is on Ravelry.

It's a pretty straight-forward pattern, and a lot of folks have made it with a lots of modifications, so it was just a matter of finding what would work for me.

For this hat, I cast on: 110 stitches, for a 22" head. My gauge is 6 stitches in 3x2 rib over 1" (ribbing is relaxed & not stretched out). I wanted it to fit over all of her hair.

I probably could have gone down to 100 stitches without issue given this gauge. The hat fits even with all my hair down. For a guy with close-cut hair, I think 100 would be just fine.

It worked up pretty well. I really liked the decreases.

I made it long enough so I could have a two inch brim.

Overall, a most excellent hat pattern. Now, I just have to mail it off to her.