Monday, October 19, 2015

Cosplay Planning Stages

I'm starting to plan out my next set of cosplay outfits for the upcoming year. There are a number of conventions and events that I'll be attending next year, so I have an extensive list of costumes that I need to be created with specific time frames -- about 8 full costumes and several smaller costume pieces (not including props). What costumes do I have in mind, you ask? Well, you'll find out soon enough as I post my cosplay diaries. :-)

As part of my preparatory work, I started going through my fairly large collection of patterns -- both commercial patterns (such as McCalls, Simplicity, etc)...

...and speciality patterns (such as Truly Victorian, Reconstructing History, Folkwear, etc.)

I usually buy my commercial patterns from big box stores when they have their sales where patterns are anywhere from $0.99  - $2.00 per pattern.

While I'm fully capable of drafting out my own patterns, I don't like having to do it. Although I have drafted my own patterns since there was nothing even close commercially. I try to use pre-made pattern whenever possible. 

Eventually, after some consideration, I found the patterns that should work the costumes that I need to make, with some modifications.

I also dug through our extensive Fabric Stash (TM) and found appropriate fabric for use for a December event.

Now, it's time to wash and iron muslin to create some cosplay outfits!

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