Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cosplaying Hawkingbird: Best in Show

ConVolution 2015 has come and gon, and we had an awesome time. There were a few people who recognized the cosplay, but many actually confused it with the Huntress (which is another cosplay that I want to do.) It was okay, and I didn't mind the confusion. There weren't a lot of comic book fans at ConVolution. I do hope to wear it again for Fanime, where there are a lot of Marvel geeks who attend or maybe even SDCC.

Overall, the costume was pretty comfortable to wear. I wore it for the Masquerade, out to the Dance, and for some of the parties afterwards. However, I did ditch the bow for the dance and parties, just because I didn't want to have to carry a cumbersome prop around with me in close quarters....or where I could potentially lose it by setting it down and either forgetting or someone taking it. After all, I did use my real bow for the Masquerade. I'm also really glad that I opted to not carry the sword with me as well. It would have been really too much to haul ALL that stuff around.

The Making of....

The Masquerade - Best in Show

It wasn't our initial intention to enter the masquerade with our costumes, but we decided a few weeks before the Con that we would.  It was a scramble to figure out an appropriate skit -- ideas were bantered about for a while we figured out what skit we wanted to do, determine what music would be best, then record voice-overs and intros appropriately. Even then, I had to put together the audio file for the masquerade late Friday evening (as the actual masquerade was on Saturday.) My Viking acted as our physics-defying ninja, but we also had to find a willing vic...errr...volunteer to help us out on stage, merely as an extra.  Things got a bit hectic in trying to organize everything, but it was well worth it.

Our skit went off with minimal issues. First, I totally forgot to wear my gloves on stage. Then there was a few missed cues as we didn't quite do extensive practicing, but the audience laughed at the appropriate times so no one really noticed. Overall, it went about as well as to be expected, so I was happy it it overall.

We won Best in Show for our skit, Too Many Archers, as well as winning a workmanship award for Best Accessories. The presentation judge told us that he nearly fell out of his chair as he was laughing so hard.

(Photo courtesy of Baron Law)

I honestly can't wait to see the skit on video, because I'd like to see it from the audience perspective. I was too busy concerned with not screwing up any more cues so I wasn't paying too much attention.

Here are the characters that were cosplayed by BaronLaw and I.

And final photos just after the masquerade.

It's not too shabby, even if I do say so myself. I will post the videos once they are available online for anyone interested in seeing our skit.