Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cosplay Problems: Part I

When getting ready for San Diego ComicCon, I realized that there were a bunch of (first world) cosplay problems that often occur. I decided to try and document a few of them as they happened.(Note: numbering is random)

Cosplay problem #122: when the accessories and props take up more room than the actual costume. 

Cosplay problem #123: when your makeup kit is its own piece of luggage. 

When packing outfits for a convention, I always run into the problem of "How much do I really want to pack?!?!" This problem depends on the mode of travel (plane or car), how far away is the convention, and how much I want to pay the luggage fees or sacrifice other packed things.

This conundrum leads to the two following issues:

Cosplay problems #10a: when you pack more outfits than number of days (and nights) attending the con. 

Cosplay problem #10b: when you decide to not pack a costume because, "eh, I won't wear that anyways/ Ive got enough costumes to wear!" 

Which leads to more problems...

Cosplay problem #11: when you are grateful that you packed Costume B because you just can't deal with Costume A for whatever reason. 

Cosplay problem #12: when you kick yourself for not packing Costume B because for whatever reason, Costume A, is not working out, not the right outfit, etc. 

Luckily, during SDCC, I was experiencing #11

The weather in San Diego was about 90 deg F with 100% humidity. In other words, it was too damn hot, which lead to the following problem.

Cosplay problem #124: trying to determine how much of your cosplay you want to wear in the goddamn heat.

I'm sure there's a part B to this one, which deals with cold weather & skimpy outfits. For SDCC, I was really glad to have packed a fairly comfortable and "light" costume.

(Worn at Gallifrey. I forgot to take photos during SDCC.)

Then it came time to go home and repack all of our cosplay outfits, props, and accessories back into the luggage. During this time, much of the accessories were spread around the room.

Cosplay problem #150: when you realize that you have to repack all of your costumes back up to go home.

Cosplay problem #150a; when you wonder just how the f*** did you Tetris-packed everything into the suitcases you brought.

I'm sure there are more cosplay problems. I'll continue documenting them as I run into them during conventions. Let me know some of your cosplay problems!

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