Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Loot Crate: Month One.

My Viking and I are splitting a Loot Crate subscription. We had gotten the FireFly version and liked it.  So, we subscribed to their regular version.

The very first one out of the gate is an awesome package for the both of us. The theme is ANTI-HERO. 

One of the things LootCrate does is let you turn the box in which your goodies arrived into either a diorama for your loot or a prop. In this case, the box turned into a giant " hammer".

Insofar as the loot, there's a little bit for both of us. My Viking is a big HellBoy fan, while I'm a classic Harley Quinn girl. He gets the Sterling Archer shirt, while I get the Kill Bill socks. It's yet to be determined who is going to get the Sylvana's pin (from World of Warcraft)

I can't wait to see what they put in for next month.