Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Increasing the Self-Striping Sock Yarn Stash

Whenever I order small stuff online, I have it delivered to work because it's easier for me to retrieve said items than having them sit on my doorstep at home. Plus, it's like Christmas whenever I get a package at work. Last Friday, I got two separate packages full of sock yarn to replenish my lack of sock yarn stash.

Webs (yarn.com) was closing out their supply of Stilleto yarn from Plymouth, so I bought a few skeins. Each skein lets me knit a pair of socks AND they were about $7.50 a skein.

Colorway (not in order): Winterthru, Dillon, Villandry, Eden, Birmingham  

I had previously knitted two other colorways of this yarn, and while I wasn't happy with some "splotching" of some of the color, the socks have worn like IRON. Consequently, I have really fallen for this sock base. I hope these new colorways don't have the same color issues.

Yes, I have a "thing" for self-striping yarns as of late. I love how the stripes knit up. In fact, I've finished a whole bunch of socks that I haven't posted about yet.

(Yes, I have a lot of work meetings)

The second package was from Simply Socks Yarn Company and picked up some fairly cool self-striping yarn from a new-to-me company.
Vespers 75% Merino + 25% Nylon
Colorways: Hay Ride & Callistos

I really can't wait to start knitting them....as soon as I finish my current pair of socks....

Kroy Pattons Yarn. Toothy, but holds up like iron.
Great as boot socks as it's slightly thicker than sock weight but not as heavy as sport.

No, they aren't quite self-striping yarn, but it's almost self-striping, and when you're desperate to knit, you do what you can.