Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monogamy & Me

I've never been a monogamous sort of person, specifically when it comes to certain projects.

Sewing: For the most part, I'll stick with a specific sewing project, because most of my projects are rather large in scale (i.e. a whole outfit for a specific event) and I know I have to finish up before the project deadline. Consequently, I will stick out the sewing project.

However, my anti-monogamous project tinkering has really come out with knitting & spinning projects. However, I do try and keep it under control. Currently, I have two projects on the needles:

- Hemlock blanket back in June2009. It's started & stopped on-and-off for the past several months, because it is SOO BIG! I'm nearing the end, but there's 5 rows of stockinette stitches after every increase, and currently, it's almost done. Currently, it's 3 feet (about 1 meter) in diameter, and I still have another foot to go!

- a top-down raglan sweater using the Incredible Fit Raglan Sweater calculator using some recycled yarn from a sweater

Of course, I'm itching to make a new pair of socks, but lately, since I don't have train time to knit, it's a little harder to push through knitting projects.

I do have one project hibernating peacefully -- my Slouchy Cardigan. I just need to do the two sleeves, but I can't seem to bring myself to work on miles and miles of stockinette rows. I hate purling....


- I'm nearly done with the Shetland on the Kundert drop spindle. I need to free it up for Ravelympics so I can spin my 2 oz of alapaca.

- I'm almost done with the 1lb of dark BFL that I'm spinning on Nona, my Kiwi. Who knew that 1lb of fiber was a LOT?!?! I'm down to the last 2 ounces!

One bobbin was divided up into plastic bobbins so I could ply the early yarn (when I first started spinning) with the later yarn for more consistency. Because I know my consistency has changed, despite having a sample swatch.