Friday, February 5, 2010

Remaking Potential

Some time ago, I had knitted up a project with some of my first handspun. I *loved* the colors & how it knitted up. I thought I had found a good pattern for it (Lacy Backtus). I *liked* the pattern.

BFL from Spincerely

When I didn't like how the pattern was going, I thought, "Well, I'll probably love it when it's finished. I can't tell with a half-finished item"

So, I finished the project, and *still* didn't love it. And I thought, "Give it time"

So I waited. I still didn't love it. BUT I still loved the colors & the yarn. I didn't understand why. The lovely knitted item sat unloved and unused.

Later, I made a sister pattern to the Lacy Baktus -- Lacy Karius -- with some other handspun, because I loved the idea of the pattern. Both turned out very differently, and I really *love* how the Lacy Karius looks.

Nighty Sky Karius

So, last night, I was waiting for something and spotted the Lacy Baktus I had made, I grabbed it and started to frog the finished project so I could reclaim the lovely lovely yarn I had made. I felt a deep immense sigh of relief when the ball of yarn was neatly wound.

Now, it has the potential to be something else. And I have the pleasure of knitting with it again.