Monday, February 8, 2010

Training for Ravelympics

Team Sasquatch: I went down to Purlescence Yarns several weeks ago to pick up yarn. I had my chart in hand, and proceeded to sit on their floor looking at color combinations from Cascade 220 yarns. Sandy, one of the owners, had to walk over me several times as I contemplated this color over that and this color combo over that. (It's a good thing I already have a working knowledge of color theory or it might have taken longer!)

After about an hour, I finally picked 4 potential colors, of which, I only need about 3: a nice turquoise/teal blue, a lovely dark red, white, and a neutral grey. I picked up one skein of each color. Sandy particularly liked the color combination, so I think I have a winner.

I've planned out the color combination that I want to use:
* white for the cats.
* red for the background behind the cats
* turquoise/light blue for the other bands
* grey or white for the patterning on the inside of the other bands.

The skeins are now wound into cakes for ease of use later. I haven't really swatched, as this is bag and the pattern is just a chart, so I suppose it doesn't really matter. I probably will swatch with two colors just to determine the best needle size to make a nice fabric.

Team Spindlers: I'm going to be spinning about 2 oz of alpaca fiber on my Kundert spindle. Unfortunately, the spindle is currently filled with my *last* project -- Shetland. So I'm currently hurrying to finish the last 1/2 oz of shetland fiber so I can free up the Kundert.