Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravelympics: Day 1 - Day 3

My Ravelympics projects have proven a lot easier than anticipated. In fact, I'm having a lot of fun knitting my colorwork project for Team Sasquatch, AND I've fallen in love with alpaca fiber (Team Spindlers).

First, the yarn I picked for Team Sasquatch is Cascade 220 Wool in teal, white, and red. My knitting tools: Knit Picks 60" circular for use in magic loop. (US 7s), and several stitch markers.

Ravelympics Yarn

Day 1
The broadcast for the Opening Ceremonies didn't start locally until 7:30pm to coincide with Prime Time, but I did cast on starting shortly after 6pm PST. I cast on with a circular cast on, then increased every other row.

Then I hit the rocky part of the slope. This part was so simple that I had to frog back after the 8th round because I wasn't paying attention and didn't increase when I should have, which promptly worsened as I tried to fix it.

After casting on the 2nd time, I managed to actually pay enough attention to finish the first part of the project.

Ravelympics Project: Cat in the Bag

At this point, the bottom of the bag measures 5.5" in diameter. I have repositioned my stitch markers to mark every 13 stitches in order to know where I am in the pattern

I thought about pacing myself, but I continued knitting, and started to really enjoy and get into the colorwork. However, I did have to really pay attention to the chart. I realized that I needed a better way to quickly look to see where I was in the pattern. I ended the day after finishing the 2nd band of colorwork.

Day 2

The start of Day 2:

Ravelympics Project: Cat in the Bag

At this point, I realized I had a made a mistake in reading the chart, which would mean that I would have to rip back all of the blue band of color so I could fix the mistake. I opted to keep it as a "design feature" rather than a bug. LOL. (Essentially, in the smaller band of white, there should have been single stitches of "blue").

I kept having minor setbacks at certain places, as I would misread a row in the chart. Again, this was due to not having a good way to just "show" the row I was working on at that moment. Often times I would discover my mistake one row above. Usually, this was mistake was the wrong color. I was loathe to rip back because of the colorwork, so I just opted to drop stitches and pick them up with a crochet hook. Luckily, with the color floats in the back, this was a little bit easier. However, if you inspect the knitting, some stitches are either a little tighter or looser than the ones next to it.

By the start of the evening, I was pretty much done. We went out with friends that night for some needed relaxation time (involving Tiki drinks and food). Needless to say, I didn't knit during this time (mostly due to the low lighting in the bar).

Day 3

The start of Day 3

Ravelympics Project: Cat in the Bag

The cats are starting to actually look like cats instead of blobs of white. For the eyes, I opted to add "blue" for the eyes, which proved a little tricky trying to juggle three strands of color.

At this point, I'm using the principles of the Philosopher's Wool 2-handed fair island technique of 'weaving' in long floats. It took a bit of getting used to doing, as I'm a continental knitter, and they show the technique as an English knitter.

There are certain areas of pucker, but it's acceptable pucker. I'm trying to knit loose and to move stitches around every 5 or so stitches to loosen up the floats so they don't pull.

So, far, so good. I probably will have this finished long before the end of the Olympics.