Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Casting On!

I love starting a new project; it's like sitting down to a new dessert that you know will be absolutely fabulous!

I had been pretty monogamous with my Mondo Cable Pullover, but have been jones-ing for a pair of socks for the past month, but I knew that if I put down the sweater, I wouldn't get back to it in a timely manner.

The day after finishing the pullover, I cast on for my 'vanilla' pair of socks (Cat Bordhi's Coralis sock pattern) with some Blue Moon medium weight sock yarn I had.


When I put the skein onto the swift, it looked like a veritable rainbow of colors. I loved looking at it. The resulting cake wasn't too attractive, but I'm keeping in mind the colors I saw on the swift. These will end up being a rainbow or "clown" socks, but I like having the motley of colors, especially after having only a few thousand stitches only in shades of red --- not that I don't like red; I love red, however, I do like variety!

I'm already 1" up on the toe.