Monday, April 12, 2010

Mondo Cable Pulli: KAL

Last night, I had my very first set-back on the Mondo Cable Pullover. I had modified the sleeve pattern slightly to include extra stitches for the left sleeve, and thought those modifications would suffice for the right sleeve.

However, I did not remember that my right bicep is ever-so-slightly bigger than my left bicep, which can make a huge difference when doing a somewhat closely fitted garment. When I sew, I always have to accommodate for a difference in sleeve sizes for both arms; I don't know why I thought knitting would be any different?

So, when I tried it on when the sleeve was mid-forearm, the bicep was a bit too snug for comfort. I thought that maybe blocking would "fix" the problem, but I opted to just rip back as while blocking fixes some things, it would be better if I just corrected the problem.

Luckily, I had put lifelines in at various places, so I ripped back to mid-bicep (about 4-5 inches) on the sleeves and just added about 2 more inches from the previous increase. After trying it on, the bicep area felt much more comfortable when wearing it.

While 4-5 inches might not seem like a lot, it's taking me FOREVER to get through this project, so it represents about 2-3 days worth of progress. Oh well.

Currently, I'm at elbow-length and doing normal decreases at this point.

So note to self: lengthen out the number of rounds before each decrease on the right sleeve.