Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mondo Cable KAL

I *finally* finished the Mondo Cable pullover late, late, late last night. I had a heckuva time with the neck band following her instructions. It just wouldn't come out correctly on one side. So I had to frog it at least twice.

(This is probably me not understanding her instructions because everyone else seems to grok it well enough). However, on the left hand neck edge, everything worked out well, and I could see what Bonne Marie wanted to do.

So, I just replicated that affect (which reminded me a lot of entrelac -- something I am wholly familiar) on the right hand neck edge.

And it worked beautifully. I tried it on last night and it fit perfectly, which pleases me to absolutely no end.

This morning, I wove in most of the ends, washed the sweater (which needed it after being dragged around for the past month), and set it out to dry. It really didn't need blocking -- I had steam blocked the body ribbing and it no longer curled.

AND NOW, since I had been so darn monogamous with this project, I get to work on a pair of socks! I wound a skein into a cake and cast on my favorite vanilla pair of socks with some very colorful Blue Moon medium weight.