Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mondo Cable Pulli

Currently, I'm still plugging along the Mondo Cable Pullover (KAL).

(The Mondo Cable 2nd Sleeve)

March 28th -- I finished the body on March 28, and used the prescribed 5/1 ribbing on smaller needles. I've also picked up the sleeves and worked on a few rounds. I increased the initial stitch count by 2 on the sleeves because I work out and my biceps are…well, large for my size. (Whenever I sew, I always have to modify the armscye & sleeves.)

March 29th -- Well, the sleeves are going a lot faster than the body. I tried on the sweater just before the 1st Decrease, and realized that if I followed the rest of the pattern, the sleeves would have almost no ease and maybe even negative ease..

So, I added another 4”, before started the 1st Decrease. And I’ve mapped out where to put the other decreases (approximately every 10 rounds with my modifications) so that it comes to the right length with approximate finished stitch count. I added a whole bunch of lifelines at various places just in case I need to frog back.

April 4th -- I finished the first sleeve. I shortened the sleeve just a tad and used a 4-2 ribbing (on same size needles) instead of the 5-1 ribbing (on smaller needles), and after trying it on, it’s only a tad bit longer than perfect, which is okay by me.

I’ve picked up the stitches on the second sleeve and am into the first few rounds. I’m still loving the pattern and will definitely make more. (It’s just a matter of having time to knit nowadays!)