Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updates on Projects

In terms of knitting/spinning, things have been really laid back.

Currently, I'm knitting the Travelling Woman (Ravelry) because it's an easy pattern to memorize, it's easy lace, and I have two skeins of some Knit Picks sock yarn that's just been sitting in my stash.

I'm working on this pattern in order to get my mojo back from the Fail of the Torreyana shawl with my handspun. Currently, I'm almost done with the second repeat of Chart A, and shall soon go onto Chart B.

This shawl project, dubbed Travelling Mojo, is a perfect weight for wearing around work, and is small enough to stuff into my purse. I'm hoping to finish it before the Winery Event so I can wear it there.

Spinning-wise, I'm currently slogging my way through the last 2oz of dyed black merino so I can start plying and knitting for the Musica gloves that I want. I have no idea how people manage to actually spin enough for a sweater's worth of yarn.

It's taken me forever to spin up the yarn needed for this project. I finished spinning & plying the white merino. However, as mentioned in an earlier blog post......spinning dyed black fiber is BORING!

It's a solid black, so there's not even a slight variegation to keep my interest peaked. I'm currently DYING to spin something with COLOR just to offset the miles and miles of mind-numbing black merino.

(Although, in all fairness, I did spin & ply about 200 yards of white merino for this project, and the pattern only calls for 220 yards total. I could have dyed some of the white merino *black* just to make it easier on myself, but I didn't think about that until later.

Ugh. I know I will have left over singles on the bobbins of both black & white merino. I'm considering plying the white merino with the black merino for a zebra-striped 2-ply.