Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tour de Fleece: Debating Projects

As part of my masochistic self, I've signed up for Tour de Fleece and shall be spinning my wheels / spindle with Team Sasquatch.

I want to send realistic goals for this 3-week marathon spinning event, especially as it's taken me over a MONTH to spin 400 yards of 3ply fingering weight yarn. (However, truth be told I have not been spinning constantly every night.)

I need to peruse my fiber Stash(TM) to see what I should spin as part of this project. Currently, I am debating between the following:

Ashland Colonial in Garnet (1lb)
Garnet Top

or this mixed BFL -- which I'm debating on either dye'ing it AFTER I spin it, because I want to see how well the different BFLS mix...or I could DYE a solid color and then spin....Decisions decisions!

(1lb of White, Oatmeal, & Dark BFL)
Mixed BFL

or this lovely batt!

(4-6 oz?)
Butterfly Girl Fiber

Spinning up a WHOLE pound of fiber in less than 3 weeks is rather daunting for me. So, currently, I am leaning towards working on the batt for The Tour de Fleece.