Thursday, June 17, 2010

3rd Glove curse

Apparently, I have been saddled with a curse -- 3rd glove syndrome -- whereby, I will *lose* one glove, and be forced to make another. This has hit me twice over now.

First, it was one of my Dashing Handwarmers that I lost on a train; I think it fell out of my pocket.

Dashing Handwarmers

Luckily, I had more of the same yarn to make another.

Then, most recently, it was my Hand Thing-a-ma-bobs. A dear friend had given me a *single* skein of hand dyed merino worsted yarn from Spincycle (120 yards) as a gift.


It took me 113 yards to make the last pair (which was a gift). So, I knew I had more than enough to make a set for myself.

I had finished the 1st glove and had started the second. I knew that I should have left it at home because I was afraid I was going to lose it. However, I didn't listen to myself, and brought it to show a friend.

And, guess, what? 20 minutes later, it was no longer in my bag. I double checked to where I was earlier, checked lost & found, filed a report WITH lost & found, but I never got it back.

I *thought* I might have enough yardage to finish it, IF I made it a little bit shorter --- having it come to my knuckles versus the 1st joints on the fingers.

I managed to eek out just enough yardage. I had 5 INCHES left. Talk about heart pounding....

Hand Thingees

Lovely, aren't they? And, oh, so warm. I have made definite use of them.