Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FO: Travelling Mojo

During a recent trip, I managed to finish the last four charted rows of my shawlette, the Travelling Woman pattern (Ravelry link) using some KnitPicks Essential Kettle Dyed.

I also managed to get it blocked that day because the day was extremely warm, and only a hour outside saw it completely dry.

Travelling Mojo (1)
(The correct shade of red.)

It's thin, but warm, and is serving perfectly at work when the AC kicks into high gear.

Travelling Mojo (2)
(The incorrect shade of red due to lighting.)

AND, as it happens, it's the same *exact* shade of red as my REI fleece jacket and my fingerless mitts. I am nothing but consistent (or predictable....)

Overall, it was a relatively simple pattern to follow, and I *might* make more out of yarn from the stash. It only took 1.35 skeins (at about 311 yards), so it'd be good for left over yardage or low yardage from handspun.