Monday, June 21, 2010

Fiber Exploration

Yesterday, I started spinning this particular fiber.

CVM, Wool. Silk

I took about an ounce to play with to see what it wanted to do. First, I tried to spin it as a low-spun single, like the last one, but it wasn't too happy with that.

Then I tried to see if I couldn't core spin it, but while I liked the look of it, the silk content (nearly 50%) wasn't cooperating. Plus, I think I had the wrong type of crochet thread to use as the core.

Finally, I changed out the ratios to 14:1, and FINALLY, the silk & alpaca were happy with it being spun super/frog-hair thin. And, it looks pretty darn good.

And, I've found that while I like silk, I'm not particularly fond of spinning something that contains 50% or more silk. Nor would I use something that's frog-hair thin -- even plied, this is going to be light laceweight. I'm just more of a fingering / sport / DK weight type of girl.

However, I will finish this particular 5 oz of fiber, and then go back to my beloved wool. I have some cormo sitting and calling my name.