Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spinning at the Winery

This past Saturday was a spinning event at a local winery, the Retzlaff Vineyards‎, which was an extremely fun day, and which I learned a few things, including the basics of looking at a given fleece (thank you Jasmin!)

There were plenty of vendors there, selling an assortment of fibers, spinning supplies, and finished yarns. I picked up a absolutely gorgeous chocolatey brown 10.5 lb merino/corriedale fleece (from a ram named Frank) that I am splitting with another person (which we promptly dropped off at Morro Fleeceworks across the way for processing -- because I just don't feel the need to do all that work myself.)

I also picked up some very yummy fiber from Morro Fleeceworks in gorgeous colors that I'm die'ing to start spinning immediately.




And, while there, there was a little bit of wine (just a glass of port) and I managed to spin up 1oz of the Targhee that I had brought with me (which I'll review later as part of my Spinner's Study.