Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quest for a Drive Band

I've been on a quest with my Ashford Traditional to find a good break band. Originally, I had been using the simple cotton that originally came with the Traddy from Ashford.

I tried candle wicking and hemp, but both proved too sticky for me.  I moved to using Crochet Cotton # 10 (in red). However, after a while, I found that it was stretching way too much if left alone for any period of time and I kept having to replace it (which is a right pain-in-the-arse). Plus, I was fighting with it in order to spin woolen.

When I asked my SpinU instructor, Sandy, about it, she said that the Crochet Cotton was too slippery, even if it didn't feel slippery, so when it rotated the pullies, I was probably getting some slippage that made spinning woolen more difficult than it should be.

She had me try a resin drive band. I tried doing some plying with it, which was okay until the bobbin got too full, and then it was too strong to treadle. :-(

So, I'm back to just simple twine (which is where I started). Sometimes, you have to try a whole bunch of things before realizing what you started with is the best thing out there.

I recently finished spinning two bobbins of cormo (each bobbin was one ounce), using a woolen draw technique.  (I'm still practicing woolen on my Traddy).

I plied it into a 124 yards of 2-ply yarn at about 10 WPI (worsted weight). It's very light and VERY fluffy. I'm rather pleased with it.

For now, I think I shall stick with the cotton twine.