Monday, April 29, 2013

Gallifrey Necklace

It's not often that I often craft for my particular genres of geek. Sure, I create costumes and such for use at various science fiction conventions, but my general crafting tends to be for every day use.  Just as long as you don't count the Dr. Who Scarf I knitted or the Futurama Brain Slug I crocheted ...or the Dire Wolf Mittens I knitted...

Okay, nix that, I do craft some of my geek...but, back to the topic of this post.

When I was at one of the local sci-fi convention (I can't remember which one),  I saw this pendant from Springtime Creations and I just HAD to have it and make a necklace for myself. And I had the perfect prop for it -- a ceramic Tardis piggy bank...just in case you needed more context.

It's a bronze pendant with Gallifreyan (the Time Lord's language) engraved on it.

It's strung with dark lapis lazuli beads (representing the Time Vortex) and some carnelian (just because I like it and I wanted some additional color). It's about 11" in length.

It's a lovely piece that I wore to Gallifrey One 2013, and that I wear to work on occasion. I've gotten compliments on it from others, who aren't necessarily into Dr. Who fans. I don't even think they knew what it represents.

It's my own little covert form of Dr. Who Geek.

Check out Spring Time Creation's Facebook and webpage. She has a slew of jewelry from dragons to rocket ships to ray guns to Dr. Who pieces. She has Steampunk, science fiction, and fantasy pieces. Her work's pretty awesome, and I proudly own several of her pieces.

(And no, I'm not getting anything for promoting her work, I just really really like her stuff!)