Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Cure Start-itis? Finish a Project:!

I started this sweater back in January, and it got put to the side when I started working on my Knit Swirl coat, because I was down to the stockinette portion near the end. It was intended to be my simple knitting for car trips or when I just need plain old stockinette.

However, the best of intentions right? It sat around unloved and forgotten at the bottom of my knitting bag. I also felt guilty because I had TWO sweaters on the needles, both of which were too big and too warm to carry around effectively, which meant I wasn't knitting on either of them. And when the weather turned into 80-90 deg F...well, the last thing I wanted was to work on a sweater.

I worked on it in bits and pieces here and there, and finally started on the sleeves two weeks ago.

I've had a bit of "start-itis" as of late, but I told myself that I couldn't start any projects until I finished a couple of WIPs that were already on the needles.

Ever want to work on something new and shiny that working on an old project just doesn't appeal anymore? Yeah that's me, but I kept on knitting.

So, while I was perusing the Shalom project page on Ravelry, I saw that someone had 1/2 sleeves on their cardigan, and I thought,

Hmmmm, would that work on my Shalom?

I generally dislike short sleeves on cardigans, but with the weather being warm, I thought I would give it a whirl, ESPECIALLY since I was already at the elbow of my Shalom. I was a bit surprised when I realized it would look pretty good with half sleeves. It would work for slightly chill nights in the Bay Area. (It's also amazing how much you're willing to compromise when you just want to be done with something!)

I did have to rip back 5 rows on both sleeves, and then redid them with 5 rows of garter stitch before binding off. I did a light steam blocking, and used a sweater stone (because, mohair, duh...)

There's some work that still needs to be done, such as grosgrain ribbon, buttons, and a final steam blocking, but overall...I'm done. And, I have to say, it looks pretty darn good with the short sleeves. I might have to do more shorter sleeve cardigans in the future.

But you know what finishing a project means?? It means I can start working on another project!!!