Friday, May 10, 2013

Lady's Artisan Apron: The Finished Apron

Back in 2007, I wrote this blogpost about making the Lady Artisan Apron. Since then, my website has gone through several iterations, and the article was basically lost. So, a friend recently asked about it, so I thought to try and dig it out and repost it.

So, here is the 3rd and final installment of this blog post, in it's original text.

This article is part three of making this apron. For the other parts, please see:
  1. Making the Apron
  2. Making the Cogs
  3. The Finished Apron

July 11, 2007: The Finished Apron

I put the apron away for a bit after WesterCon, but now I've been putzing with it, adding a few things here and there. I finally managed to take some images of the Lady's Apron, and have finished the "last" touches last week. This costume is one of those you just have to "fiddle" with, because stuff can be continually added onto it.

The Complete Outfit

Without Accessories & Accrutements

 With Accessories

 I really think the bits and pieces definitely add to the overall look.

Front View

I used overall closures, and found some nice brassy ones at JoAnn's. Part of a filagree clasp was sewn into the patch pocket for things such as eyeglasses or maybe a monacle chain. The three cogs serve as a "center" piece for the bodice.

Side Views:

The silver cylinder thing is a drinking flask, because it's socially acceptable to have a nip every now and then. I had added a 3-belt-like-loops in the front (using left over fabric). I used the flask as an approximate measure of how big those loops can be. They can be used for tools, hooking in other items, or holding a flask :-)


 There is another resin-casted cog on the pocket, which also serves a nifty place to hang my pocket watch chain. I am going to add another cog later (this one pin-backed). There are two in-line seam pockets on either side (the watch disappears into it.)


 Also, there are three tabs holding the D-rings, which are nice places to hook other things, such as tools or keys. Two patch pockets complete the front.

Back View:

A black 2" clip painted gold then antiqued, served as the closure.

The End!