Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweing for the Ball: Ball Gown Inspiration

On the podcast, I mentioned some of my inspiration for making my ballgown. From the HBO show, Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister has some beautiful outfits that I just absolutely adore. I think they are beautiful, elegant, and simply stunning. They remind me of a cross between Asian clothing and something more Elvish. I especially love this red outfit.

Speaking of Elvish, my other inspiration came from some of the various elvish costumes from the Lord of the Rings. (I had previously made an Elvish inspired gown based on Arwyn's Blue & Red gown for a "Nazzgrrl - the Jilted Brides of Sauron" cosplay.

These are two shots from one of the costume books of Elrond's outfit. I love the sleeves.

So, I opted to make a cross between these two.
Unfortunately, I don't have shots of myself in the gown, because I totally forgot to take photos of myself IN them. I'm currently awaiting some friends to post some of their photos of me in my outfit.