Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing for the Ball: Purse

Yes, we're back from ConVolution. And no, I don't have photos of the ballgown yet, because I forgot to take photos of me with the ballgown on during the actual Ball. However, many of my friends did, and I hope to get those photos relatively soon.

For now, I'll just discuss the accessories I made, and eventually, get to the actual ballgown images as well as a report on ConVolution, so forgive me for now.

No ballgown is really complete without a few accessories here and there. Because I found myself with finished a bit ahead of the Ball, I went ahead and made a matching "petal" purse to go with my outfit.

I find small purses are very easy to make, and really complete an outfit, especially one that matches in fabric or texture. Petal (or tear-drop) purses are relatively easy to make. It's simply four pieces of fabric. When you put the purse on the ground, the bottom flattens out so that it stands up.

First, I made an approximate template of a pattern and make a quicky mock-up out of muslin. I was relatively happy with how it looked, so I took the leftover fabric and cut out my pieces.

And did the same for the lining. Each side is simply sewn together to every other side. (You stop at the bottom of the "petal". ) When you've added all four sides, hem along the top of the purse.

I had originally made some frogs for the ballgown, but they didn't seem to work with it.

So, instead, I used them on the purse. I made a Pipa button combined with a Three-Flower Knot. Instructions can easily be found on the internet.

I also made some straps out of the leftover lining fabric. Luckily, I had some ribbon in the correct color and width to add a bit of "flare" for the purse. When I folded over the top of the purse to sew, I simply added the straps to the inside. And, viola! A purse!

And here are the cats being very curious about my Chinese knotwork buttons. :-)

I promise to have pictures of the Ballgown AND from the ball very very soon! I need to get all of the photos from the evening in one location.