Thursday, July 10, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #10.5 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit - Shirt

My cosplay character wears a blue button down shirt as part of his ensemble. While I was making the suit, I was not planning on making one myself, because I figured I'd be able to find one commercially available.

However, but after looking online at various stores, I started to get a bit concerned about being able to find a woman's button-down collared shirt made out of simple cotton. You would think this task would be easy, but it surprisingly was not.

I scoured online, especially shops catering to womens' business wear, like Anne Taylor, but did not find an appropriate shirt in the right color or style or material type. Apparently, women business shirts, tend to be white or pastel colors. And they also tend to be more of a "blouse" than a shirt --- blouses tend to be more loose fitting than a shirt.

When I did find a blue button-down shirt for women, they tended to be chambray instead of simple cotton (think more like a denim shirt.)

At one point, I was contemplating visiting a men's clothing store, like Men's Wearhouse, as a final resort. Men's business shirts tend to be a little bit more expensive (I was a bit shocked at the price of a decent business shirt), and they don't quite fit women correctly (given that women have boobs and hips). I was consigning myself  to pick up a small men's shirt and do some minor modifications to get it to fit correctly on me.

However, on a lark, I decided to look at non-conventional clothing stores that don't normally carry women's business attire, like Old Navy, and I found the right shirt! Old Navy had a women's "Oxford" shirt that seemed to fit my requirements.

Luckily, there's an Old Navy close to my house, so I was able to go there during the weekend along with the tie to get a color match.

The tie and shirt DID match, it was the right material (cotton), fit me relatively well, AND they were on sale, so SCORE on all counts.

Consequently, I picked up two of the same shirt, because you never know when one might get damaged, plus, they could be used for a number of purposes, including for actual work.

Now, I just have to finish up my suit!