Thursday, July 3, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #8 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit.Pants and Pants

I decided that I needed a break from working on the jacket sleeves, so I started the mockup for the pants. After consultation with my Viking, we decided to go with a Simplicity pattern, instead of the pants that came with the suit pattern.


Why? Because I have hips and most men's tailoring doesn't account for the difference between a woman's hip & waist measurements. And I wanted something more fitted.

This particular pattern has three different options of a "Slim", "Average", and "Curvy" fit, and would, hopefully, require little tailoring.

I started making the "Average" fit, which fit pretty darn well, but I wasn't particularly happy with how it might look with the jacket, so I decided to also make the "Slim" fit and see if that made any difference. Plus, I have never really made tailored pants before -- having only made drawstring pants or wrap-arounds, so more practice was not unwelcome.

Consequently, I spent an entire weekend making two sets of pants of slightly different cut and ease. Overall, the pattern was pretty close to dead accurate. I was really pleased with it, although I did have to read certain steps of the instructions several times to understand what they wanted.

I did have to do some minor fitting -- mostly taking in the side seam and inseam by a good solid inch (4 cm), but I had to do little else. 

I tried both on and had my Viking give me his review. He and I really liked both pant patterns, but in the end, we decided to go with the "Slim" fit of the pants as they look better a bit more tailored and fit me slightly better with less ease.

The "Average" version fit more like chinos or cargo pants/shorts, while the "Slim" version fit more like suit pants.  I'm definitely using this pattern to make various pants of both varieties. After everything is said and done, I think I shall be making myself a pair of shorts from the "Average" version of the pattern.

Now, I just need to cut out the fashion fabric and sew up the pants!

And finally, the gratuitous kitten picture. Sammy could care less about my pants as he snoozes on his decoy fabric.