Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ambitious Spinning Attempts

As mentioned in an earlier post, I dyed about 6 oz of roving into various color lots in order to spin into a 3-ply sock yarn.

So far, I've managed to finish spinning the first two lots:
Lot 1: Colors: dark red/burgandy, dark blue.
Lot 2: Dark blue / sky blue

I'm still working on Lot 3 (which I had attempted to dye black, but came out dark blue/black/grey)

The white splotches in the fiber were spun in nicely, so I got a very interesting mottled affect in the yarn for lots 1-2, and lot 3 is also doing nicely.

I had originally started this project for the Ravelry Group, Spindles, as their September challenge was the "Night Sky". I had gone over to Google Sky for inspiration and saw lovely magentas and blues mixed in with black/dark blue.

I might have been a little bit overly ambitious in my goal to spin about 6 oz of fiber on a SINGLE drop spindle in 3 weeks. Ugh. It's already October, and I've still got about 1 oz of Lot 3 left in a little baggy waiting to be spun.

However, I'm trudging along. Lots 1-2 have been wound into Peruvian balls and are now sitting idly in my Monster Yarn bowl, awaiting for their final brethen to be spun then wound, before I begin the 3-ply