Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Train Knitting & Idle Hands

I have a commute up to work. Luckily, the train & bus are readily accessible and save me from having to drive (and pay exorbiant parking fees) up in San Francisco. The commute also means that I have approximately 1.5 hours in which I get to knit every single day. This knitting time means that I've gotten a lot more projects done (provided I don't spin on the train as well!).

On the train, there are those folks who work, those that read, those that sleep, and those that just sit there and do *nothing* on the train.

What bothers me are the people who just sit there doing nothing. Oh, they might be listening to their ipods or other musical device, or they might just sit there staring into nothingness. Now, i know that people have every right to sit there and do absolutely nothing. It's not so much that I see it as as a waste of their time, but more that I see it as a waste of time in general -- all those idle hands which could be doing *something*.

It's like when I see someone wearing bright flourescent orange that is not a hunter in the woods, a construction worker or somesuch similarly dangerous profession that requires being "seen". I get twitchy. NO ONE looks good in bright flourescent orange.

Part of it is that I am extremely active and do so much; either crafting, sewing, DIY-stuff, hiking, being outdoorsy, or whatever. So, seeing so many 'zoning' out into nothingness for an hour gives me that twitchy feeling. I know it shouldn't bother me, but there ya go.