Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally Finished

I am *finally* done with my overly ambitious spinning project (1/2 lb of yarn spun into a 3-ply).

It took a little over a month to spin that much on my handy-dandy Kundert spindle, but there you have it. I finished the last skein two Saturdays ago (10/10), created my Peruvian three-ply ball, then finished plying the second skein this past Saturday (10/17) while walking around the Renaissance Faire.

For plying, I used my very heavy Ashford spindle (my first spindle) and realized how much I don't like doing that because the spindle gets very heavy very fast. I had to make two skeins because it was getting much too heavy. I might have to consider getting a low-whorl spindle (as suggested by Abby Franqumont) and ply that way.

However, the finished product (2 skeins @ 100 yards a skein @ a sport/DK weight) is lovely, and sitting on the niddy noddies, as I have not had the time to wash both skeins as of yet.