Saturday, October 24, 2009

The SF Opera Sale

Today, we ran off to the SF Opera Sale. I won't bore you with the excrutiating details, but the poort SF Opera Staff were completely overwhelmed by the SHEER NUMBER OF PEOPLE who had heard about the sale via Twitter, Facebook, etc. They *thought* they were going to get the same turnout as 2004, which was to say, not very much.

The line to get in went around the block. Luckily, we didn't wait as long as some folks there in line. However, how does this relate to fiber-y goodness, you might ask?

I figured there might be a line (but not to THAT exctent). So I brought my knitting project with me (which I always carry. But, because we were going to be out all day running around (which at the time, didn't realize that meant spending almost ALL day at the SF Opera Sale), I brought two knitting projects and my drop spindle...just in case I got bored. Because, gawd forbid I not have something to do with my hands.

I finished the second front piece of my Slouchy cardigan while in line (admittedly, I had only about 9.5 inches left of stockinette stitch), then proceeded to spin my Coopworth while waiting in line. And, I managed to finish off 1.5 oz of fiber spinning a laceweight yarn while waiting in line.

AND, while perusing the racks of costumes for sale, I found a box containing CONES of Jagger Maine line lace weight yarn (5000+ yards on each cone) for $5.00 / cone! I called a friend over (who also knits & spins) and we oogled the find. There were only several colors, but they were almost all of the same lot. As she loves orange (and this was a lovely orange), she bought several cones, while I took the gold color and cream color cones. There were also two bags of several cakes of about fingering weight yarn. She took one bag and I took the other bag.

Needless to say, we did our little dance of joy at the yarn find.