Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loving Hand-Knit Socks

I've been pretty much ga-ga over hand-knit socks since I started wearing them. Prior to this, I'd wear your generic white socks that you can buy in a 10-pack at your local Mervyns or Target.
However, since I started making socks, I've pretty much only worn hand-knit socks (except at the gym, where I still where my generic white socks).

While I don't have as many as the more experienced sock knitters around, I have quite a few considering how long I've been knitting (less than a year at this point), which is enough for me to rotate them whilst I make yet another pair of socks.

They give me such a warm & fuzzy feeling (and not just around my feet). Consequently, I've been accumulating random sock yarns to see what I prefer.

Currently, I've tried:
- Socks that Rock heavyweight
- Colinette Jitterbug
- Dreams in Color Smooshy
- Sheep Feet
- Chirapa Mirasol Yarn

I've liked all of them thus far, but have really enjoyed the Socks that Rock & the Jitterbug yarns. I tend to like 'heavier' sock yarns, because I can't really knit on 0-2 needles.

Jasmin at the Knitmore Girls podcast has recommended Regia yarn for iron-wearability. So, that will be next on my list to try.

Here's a photo of my last pair of socks that I finished knitting for myself. I have to cast on a new pair very soon, as I find that I have more sock yarn than any other form of yarn thus far (in terms of number of skeins versus amount IN skeins....)

Yellowstone Socks