Monday, January 28, 2013

Creative Juices

I saw this image on Facebook the other day, and BOY! does it resemble me and my creative juices.

I'm always concerned when friends want to stop over, because my house is nowhere near the neatness of Martha Stewart, and I'm always amazed at seeing other people's craft rooms that look spic-and-span (although that's probably because they just cleaned up for the photoshoot.

Case in point: Take this particular craft room. Nice isn't it? Everything organized and put away.

I envy people who only take up a single room in their house AND who manage to keep it neat & tidy. I wish that were one of my super powers.

My entire house is basically my craft room. The fabric lives in storage bins in the garage. My leather & Yarn Stash (TM) live in one room. My spinning wheels reside in a 3rd room. My costumes are kept in a dedicated closet. The only room not currently used for any crafting purposes is our bedroom.

The dining room is my general DIY table for everything from sewing to leatherwork to resin to beading...and everything in between. If I need extra table space, we'll bring out the 6 foot folding tables.  (I can count on two hands how many times I've seen my lovely, lovely wooden dining table sans its protective vinyl & plastic cutting top.)

Plus, I have plans to completely revamp the living room (which we really don't use as a living room) into more crafty purposes!

Oh, don't get me wrong -- things are organized (as well as possible).  I have my materials organized neatly into plastic bins & containers. There are baskets of Works-in-Progress. All the little pieces are organized in various tackle/fishing boxes or organizational containers. But, I seem to have more materials than room at times, and (consequently) are in several different rooms and the garage.

My dear friend, D, once called my house an "atelier's workshop", where at any given time, I can begin making whatever I want. This is mostly true. If I want to start a new project, then chances are high that I have the materials and I can start making it is what I want.

Unfortunately, this usually means that my home is in various states of "creativity" at any given time. And, if both my Viking and I are working on projects at the same time? Well, the house gets extremely "creative".

Anytime I start to put stuff away to clean, then one of two things usually is about to happen:
  1. we have guests coming over and we need the dining room table for things it was meant to do...i.e. eating.
  2. I'm about to start a new project and I need to clean up so I can make another mess.
My "work table" while working on the Carpet Bag (containing the sewing machine, fabric, and leathermaking gear...)

Craft room

So, I'm not really making a "mess", per se. It's just the effluvium of my creative juices.