Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finished Objects: Part 3: Weaving

2012 was the year I started weaving very simple projects (mostly scarves & bags), but it was definitnely something I wanted to learn

My First Weaving Project. The warp & weft are exactly the same
Red Marl

This piece was an experiment in trying a tartan, and was turned into a "bag" for my shuttles & dents
Blue Plaid

This one was turned into a purse, and made into leftovers from other projects.

Weaving Experiment

My first houndstooth
Green Houndstooth

A Hawaiian Tartan using Cascade 220. It's a bit too wide for a scarf and is more of a "sash".
Hawaiian tartan

This one I wove with handspun & some matching commercial yarn, and it turned out lovely.