Friday, January 4, 2013

First Project for 2013

Every year, I look forward to the first project of the year. (I've already finished one small sock project, but I started it in 2012, so it doesn't really count.)

Last year, I started a sweater for the first project, but this year, I'm starting small and began a fingerless glove project. The first glove took only about a day to finish because I wasn't sure how I wanted to do the stripes.

Fingerless Gloves

I'm using Frog Tree, Pediboo (sport weight), which I am LOVING. It's soft, squisy, and makes a very nice fabric. I've had this in my stash for a while. I was originally planning on using it for a hat, but had to frog it because the pattern wasn't working out as I had hoped. But, it's an awesome yarn, and I'm thinking that this would make for a really nice sweater. :-)

For the pattern, I'm using my vanilla-fingerless glove pattern (I make fingerless gloves like people make vanilla socks). My hands are always cold, so this is a nice stylish way to keep them warm.

The stripe pattern is as follows:

  • Ribbing for 1.25 inches in Color A
  • The first stripe: 7 rows of Color B
  • 2nd stripe: 7 rows of Color A
  • 3rd-4the stripes: 5 rows each of Color A/B
  • 5th-16th stripes: 3 rows of Color A/B
  • 17th-18th stripes: 2 rows of Color A/B
  • Final ribbing for 1.25 inches in Color B

My next project? Definitely a sweater. I'm currently jonesing for one on the needles.