Tuesday, February 19, 2013

24 Hours of Gallifrey

This past President's Day Weekend (for those of you in the U.S), which is Feb. 15-18, I attended a Dr. Who convention down in Los Angeles, called Gallifrey One.

Now, Gallifrey One is probably one of THE largest Dr. Who conventions on the West Coast. They manage to get an amazing array of actors, writers, costume designers, producers, etc, who have worked on Dr. Who. It's a Dr. Who Geek Paradise.

And, it's the one SF/F convention where I have seen the largest gathering of fiber artists attending. At many other conventions, there are your typical  costumers and prop makers, and Gallifrey is no exception. The costumers are pretty diverse. Every year there are numerous doctors, ranging from #1 - #11, as well as their respective companions. In addition, there are the other characters from the show and the adjunct t.v. shows, including Captain Jack Harkness, Silurians, and, obviously, the Master.

This year, there were a ton tardis dresses, a ton of 10s & 11s, Amy Ponds, and River Song. I spotted this littlest doctor with his Tardis. (You can see more Gallifrey One costumes here.)

The smallest doctor 

But, in addition to the number of customers, there is an extremely large number of extremely creative fiber artists who attend Gallifrey. The most knitted item is (obviously), the infamous Dr. Who scarf, but there were a variety of Tardis & Dalek hats.

In every panel that I attended, there was always at least two knitter in various panels, knitting away on DPNs or circulars. In the Dealer's Room, there was one enterprising knitter selling her hats & knitted scarves for the attendees.

But, a lot of knitters took their fiber creations to completely different levels, incorporating many of the iconic elements in completely different ways. This costumer did an amazing femme Dr. Who costume, incorporating the scarf into her bustle!

 Dr. Who Bustle
  Dr Who bustle
If you're a fiber artist and a Dr. Who fan, you might want to consider coming to Gallifrey. You'll feel right at home with all of the knitting & crocheted items wandering the halls!