Friday, February 1, 2013

Making of a Carpet Bag: Part III - Final

(Here are the previous posts for the carpet bag....) After I attached all of the leather hardware into the bag, then I could actually line the bag with what I had created.

Why did I do it in this order? So that the lining would hide all of the grommets used to attach the leather straps (not to mention the stiffeners I used for the bags).

Hiding grommets

Bag lining the carpet bag requires that the lining be precisely measured, which is something I didn't wholly do (the lining ended up being a "teensy" too big), but I made do, by tacking down lining where it needed to be.

Here's the inside of the bag. That's my wallet purse and my iPad. There's still plenty of room below the ipad....and there's side pockets to the left, right, top & bottom of the photo.


And here's the 90% finished bag. I still need to add more belt holes and a few other minor things, but it's usable!