Monday, February 25, 2013

Stitches 2013 Recap

Stitches West was pretty awesome as always. I didn't take any classes, but I did go for two days to hit the marketplace and see some of the MarketPlace sessions. I ran into a bunch of knitters & spinners that I know there, and it was great being pointed to specific vendors that I missed in the vast ocean of the marketplace, as well as compare & contrast purchases and things seen there.

There were the usual crafty goodness roaming about, ranging from knitted to crochet to woven items being worn, but there were some pretty geeky stuff roaming about, including one Dr. Who Scarf, and this sign from Miss Bab's booth, which says "Bigger than the inside" and features the Dr. Who Tardis.

On Friday, I wore my Lucy Hat
Blue's Hat

and got a TON of compliments on it, which left me feeling pretty good. Many loved the flowers that I added and the color combination.

I was primarily there for targeted purchases. My goal? Buy sweater quantities of yarn for items in my queue (at great deals), and get 1-2 skeins of sock yarn and pick up one skein of luxury yarn (cashmere/silk) if at all possible.

Webs Yarn gave me a great deal on some closeout yarns (Cash Vero DK weight and a bulky tweed in a gorgeous red brick color), so my primary goal was met. Lisa Sousa's booth gave me the sock yarn AND the cashmere. And I could not resist Miss Bab's Wowsa skein of yarn.

Untitled Miss Babs Untitled Untitled

In addition to the shopping, I got to talk to a bunch of designers. I especially liked the designers, like Coco Knits & Sandra Ivers who have examples of their work ready for you to look at and potentially try on right then and there! It makes a difference to see what works for your particular body type versus just photos & measurements.

Sandra Ivers wrote the book, "Knit Swirl", which I picked up at Stitches and had her sign. (She  LOVED my hat, so squee moment for me there!) I got to try out her lovely jackets and talk to her about fit and construction.  For you  ladies, these jackets are fabulous and work for so many different body types! They were so fabulous that I ended up buying the book AND a kit from Carolina Homespun....oh, and making a gauge swatch and casting on.....

Coat of many colors

After getting Sandy to try one of the Knit Swirl coats (in one of the different styles) on Saturday, she was hooked too.

Overall, a most excellent Stitches. Next year, I might even take classes.....