Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hand Woven Wallet

For whatever reason, I'm into a bag/wallet making kick. This time around, I wanted to use my very own fabric to make a wallet. I was inspired by a certain Etsy seller, after seeing her fabulous creations on

So, I brought out my loom, and warped a very small amount, as I wanted to use some of my handspun. I had already paired my silk/merino handspun with some matching Venezia sport weight to be woven into "something". I really didn't have much of my handspun, so I thought to just weave a sample and make a simple small wallet out of it.

Wallet project

I even had an appropriate linen lining for it...a dark blue linen (that completely looks washed out in the photo)
: Lining and fabric

I finished weaving the fabric, and then washed & fulled it. Unfortunately, I still have to find a constrasting zipper for it, and make a simple mockup (to ensure I have the correct sizing) before I can cut up this beautiful fabric to make a zippered pouch.