Monday, October 10, 2016

8-7-6 Days Before the Ball -- Slow Progress is Still Progress

The past 3 days have been super busy with a whole bunch of events where I was trying very hard to squeeze a bit of sewing in between said events. 

Friday evening after work was somewhat busy. I had to double check my archery marks for a tournament on Sunday plus get ready for a day at the Renaissance Faire that we had pre-planned sometime ago to attend with some friends.

Sufficed to say, I had about two hours to get all of the pattern pieces for the bodice --- both the fashion fabric as well as the interfacing --- cut out and basted together because the other two days were going to be long with very little sewing time.

On a whim, I attempted to pattern match for a chevron for the back piece, which almost worked....

All the pattern pieces were basted to the interlining.  I even managed to get the main back piece sewn together on Friday.

As mentioned, I attempted to create a chevron pattern for the back piece. I ended up being off by 1/4 of an inch. I 'could' have re-cut and attempted again, but, I realized that I could either be completely perfect OR completely done in time. I chose to be completely done on time.

Both days for Saturday and Sunday were nearly full days. We were out of the house before 9am (Sunday I was out of the house by 6:30am) and didn't come home until after 7:00pm; and both days had very warm temperatures and a lot of dust. Sufficed to say, I was exhausted both days and fell asleep by 10pm.

This happened on Sunday. I won the archery tournament 
and took home the regional championship medal (i.e belt buckle) 

But, most importantly, I got a little bit work done on the bodice, primarily, getting all of the back and side pieces attached.

Working with velvet is a right pain-in-the-arse. Because of the fabric pile, velvet tends to shift around when sewing, unless you use a BAJILLION pins or use a special sewing foot, called a walking foot. With a walking foot, you only have to use a few hundred pins. :-)

I pulled out my walking foot, which made the sewing much much easier.

I still have a few more days before the Ball. I've got a few days where I have a lot more time in the evening to sew. I still have to:
  1. Finalize the front bodice pieces.
  2. Sew the front bodice to the rest
  3. Add grosgrain ribbon around the neck
  4. Sew lining & fabric together
  5. Add trim (somewhat optional)
  6. Add closures
Yeah. I think I got this....