Thursday, October 6, 2016

October: Fiber Horror Story

 It's the month of October, so I thought to share one of my fiber horror stories and a personal fiber phobia. 

I tend to do a lot of simple knitting at work because I have quite a few meetings that I attend. Knitting helps keep my hands busy and my mind focused. I never leave home without some form of knitting or crochet project

See this sad end of yarn? It signifies that I've run out of this color on this striped cowl but I still have a couple of rows left in this color. 

Sure, I could forgo a couple of rows, but I also left the next color at home and I didn't realize it until I went looking for it. 

Now, I'm stuck without any knitting for the next two meetings. I even texted my Viking about it. He offered to bring me yarn, which was tempting but I'm sure is not an effective use of his time.

I'm going to try to survive for the next few hours. 

This is my horror story. 

(This story is written tongue-in-cheek, in case it wasn't obvious.)

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